Secure your clinical trial record


XERA|CTG secures communications, Protects Trial Participants, Sponsors and Principal Investigator

Make Clinical Trial Documents and Correspondence Secure and Accessible

GCP and RBM both call for safeguarding trial communications — from CRFs and SAE forms to emails.

The Problem

Sponsors and investigators carefully preserve their printed communication; however, they often do not preserve email and other electronic communication, in some cases being unaware that all communication with trial participants is a part of the trial record. The written communication with and between participants and the principal investigator, study coordinator, and other trial personnel forms the essential trial record.

The Solution

Preserving all communication with and between trial participants in the XERA|CTG repository secures the trail record. XERA|CTG also remotely captures clinical trial-related content (from any laptop or computer without the need for an on-site visit) such as emails, documents, correspondence, and communication, and automatically protects the content in its web-based repository.

Securing trial correspondence from all sources and to all participants –  enabling the complete trial record 




The XERA | CTG Solution


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