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XERA | CORE is a scalable, high performance repository that delivers sub-second presentment to hundreds of users while simultaneously supporting high volumes of document ingestion.

FolderHas your document repository failed to keep up with technology?
Instead of modernizing, vendors of legacy repositories have added features resulting in bloated software that is at risk of becoming obsolete.

MoneyAre your support and maintenance costs ever increasing?
Legacy document management vendors impose ever increasing support and maintenance charges, essentially to insure that they will support their bloated software.

CostsCan’t upgrade to a modern document repository because of costs?
Costs to replace your legacy repository typically include new hardware and software, document migration, application revision, testing, and project and change management.


Key Features

Performance at scale and under load

  • Proven Scalability: The largest single implementation of XERA manages nearly a petabyte (a thousand terabytes) of content.
  • Proven Performance: Hundreds of users accessing XERA | CORE routinely enjoy sub-second document display.

Upgrade without migrating documents or changing document identifiers

  • XERA | CORE provides an interface that displays the legacy document from its current location without migrating the document.
  • XERA|CORE makes it possible to leave the document links in your line of business applications unchanged

Robust yet simple, modern architecture

  • XERA | CORE provides a sophisticated security model coupled with comprehensive auditing all while exposing its functionality through simple web services interfaces and an easy user experience.
  • XERA | CORE integrates seamlessly with modern applications through its proven API for C#, C++, and Java and its clean user experience.

The XERA | CORE Solution



XERA | CORE Datasheet



RFP Toolkit

Download our XERA | CORE datasheet to learn how to upgrade your document management repository and reduce costs.


Download our RFP Tool Kit: complete with the Content Repository Migration white paper and an Excel template of functions and features to create your own RFP.

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