One in a billion, and you just found it

Find, organize and compare key documents in seconds. With extra features. Not extra fees.



Consider the bar raised. Again.


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Trusted by the world’s largest law firms.

Create custom environments in any web browser and link them to your active directory and work in your language of choice.

Available behind your firewall or hosted with one of our worldwide partners.

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Easy Startup




Create your own world and workflow

Collaborate with your team with instant access to performance metrics, hot-documents, coding manuals and administrative functions.

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Seeing is believing

We’ve taken ‘ease of use’ to the next level with thumbnails, drag/drop, custom folder templates and uber-simple searching. Finding a document is as easy as booking travel with ‘facetted search’.

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With tools that optimize your experience


Analytics that streamline and compress timelines from threading, clustering and true CAL.

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From keywords to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) we make redactions easy.

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Use AI to look for coding inaccuracies and chart potential errors by user and issue.

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Create seamless workflows with direct third party integrations using the iCONECT Software Development Kit (SDK).

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Drag/Drop or load file importing and processing of 100s of file types and containers.

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Continually raising the bar in eDiscovery

From word-marking to simple redaction management, our ‘any filetype’ viewer requires no setup.

Chart or graph ANYTHING. User metrics, case status, progress and field tally are only one click away.

Multi-media video and audio handling is built right in without the requirement to move to other tools.


Is your eDiscovery platform still working for you?

iCONECT will help you transition while retaining margin and profitability.
What’s holding you back?

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Watch how we’re redefining eDiscovery

Check out the eDiscovery features that continue to raise the bar. iCONECT constantly optimizes and innovates to enhance your workflow and get the job done.

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Why change from your current system?

If you need a compelling reason to change, we’ve got it. Our simple ‘5 reasons’ guidelines give you the information you need to take your decision to the next level.

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Redefining Government eDiscovery

iCONECT is servicing a wide range of industries from Federal, State and Local governments.

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We will help you with the first step

Our RFP toolkit contains 100+ items you should ask for in your next eDiscovery tool and some information to help you decide what’s right for now…and for over the horizon.

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Control and Protect

With 9 layers of security including Active Directory integration, you can restrict view, edit and delete functions by user or group down to the meta-data/document level.


Some of the world’s largest and most complex legal cases have been entrusted to the iCONECT platform. Why not yours?


Sometimes the most important components of a review platform are what’s under the hood. These tools provide you with the confidence to take on the most complex cases with features based on years of battle-tested eDiscovery best practices


World-leading 24/7/365 support gives you the confidence to take on the toughest projects.


A full audit trail of all activity, users, locations, actions is available to administrators.


Full tracking of user activity and metrics means simplified resource allocation and month-end billing.


Create templates with headers, redactions, slip-sheets, placeholders with our powerful Production Wizard.


Push, pull and interact with third-party tools and components with our easy to use SDK.