Dynamic Project Workflow Enhanced in iCONECT-XERA’s Latest Release

Las Vegas, NV, April 8, 2015

iCONECT Development LLC, a technology leader that develops intuitive web-based e-discovery software, such as its flagship review platform, iCONECT-XERA®, unveils an enhanced Dashboard in its XERA Review Platform, as well as other intuitive enhancements to improve workflow and speed review. Building upon a solid foundation, the redesigned Dashboard enables users to add tiles which contain key project information all within a portal environment.

Managing projects and material becomes easier with dashboard tiles that display the data users need: they can quickly drag and drop tiles to the dashboard, add matter specific documents including pleadings and complaints, photos, and website tiles and share any of these tiles with other project members to facilitate real-time collaboration. Administrators can also quickly communicate at a system level through announcements to keep all users informed of key tasks including system maintenance in iCONECT-XERA.

The intuitive nature of the dashboard encourages a more cohesive workflow that can be secured where needed: the dashboard can remain open, allowing users to add relevant content and share with project members, or project managers can set up the same view for all users to meet a specific workflow. “Project managers can now create their own monitoring portal to keep track of metrics and case-specific supplemental materials, like coding manuals and reference websites at a glance”, says Iram Arras, Vice President, Product Strategy for iCONECT. “The unique ability to customize dashboard tiles is in line with our mission to make delivery of information more intuitive.”

“The new dashboard really gives us a solid platform to take key aspects such as collaboration, branding and content consolidation to a new level,” continues Arras. “Our clients will enjoy the simplicity and power of this first release and will enjoy more power and extendibility in upcoming builds. This consolidated corporate environment also extends to branding, as administrators can associate a special login logo with a theme, providing another layer of customization for hosting providers to create separate corporate sites for each client and their projects in a single system.

Also available in this release is increased ease of use for viewing and reviewing files. Although iCONECT was the first to release an HTML5 file viewer to enable file viewing in modern browsers such as Chrome and Safari, this release extends this ability, rendering high quality versions of near native files without the need of an ActiveX plug-in. Additionally, review ease comes with enhanced annotation searching in finer granularity: users can search for specific types of annotation, allowing confident and fast retrieval of annotated or redacted documents.

iCONECT-XERA continues to provide users with unprecedented control over the entire review process. For additional XERA product information and interactive videos, please visit https://iconectgov.wpengine.com/products/xera.  Click here to schedule an XERA demo.


 iCONECT Development, LLC is a global market leader in developing innovative legal review software, services and programs that empower people to complete complex legal review projects more cost-effectively. As early innovators of eDiscovery review software since 1999, and with the release of its revolutionary web-based XERA eDiscovery Review Platform, iCONECT continues to raise the bar for advancements in developing intelligent, easy-to-use tools that help hosting providers, law firms, corporations and government agencies worldwide optimize workflows and manage big data more efficiently. iCONECT was most recently honored by CIO Review as one of the Top 20 Most Promising Legal Technology Solution Providers in 2014 by KMWorld as one of 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management for 2015.

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