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Already in use by prominent plaintiff firms across the U.S., XERA excels in adapting to the unique challenges of plaintiff workflow.

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Simple & Easy

  • Combine fields and tags to quickly set up multiple cases, all on the same system. Built to process upwards of a billion documents, the system also manages hundreds of simultaneous users, and is perfect for batch reviews.
  • Securely access documents from any internet device in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari, in any language including Japanese, Mandarin, German, Russian and Spanish.

Collaboration & Comments

  • Make private notes, annotations and comments, or share with other members of your team.
  • Pie charts and bar graphs are a great way to quickly analyze results. Easily compare near-duplicate documents with the built-in compare viewer.
  • Monitor who did what and when. Create intelligent user access logs for billback and case monitoring activity.

Powerful Searching

  • Simple facet searching, date searching, dictionary lookup, persistent word marking, and individual views speed review. A quick “Keyword Report” displays how many documents were retrieved with the requested search terms.
  • View clusters of similar documents that are automatically categorized into bundles.

Flexible Workflow

  • View documents in any format without plug-ins. Rotate, redact and review with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Flexible fields, coding, folders, issues and review on any device in any language.
  • Obtain all information in one pass with intuitive navigation and enforced coding.
  • Group documents and print, export, TIFF or PDF your collection with full redactions, headers/footers and production logging.


  • Imagine the power to create your interpretation of the story in your own words to see if supporting documents exist. That’s the power of XERA’s Xmplar technology.
  • Group emails, find near duplicates or implement XERA’s predictive review workflow.

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