In-Market Industry Use Cases



In-Market Industry Use Cases

The iCONECT-XTRACT platform is based on the architecture, code base, features and functions of the award-winning iCONECT platform already in use to identify, search, sort, organize, view, print and export evidence and documents in some of the world’s largest, sensitive, and most complex legal cases for some of the world’s largest government agencies and vendors. A representative sample of in-market clients is below.


Federal Election Commission

  • Annual budget of approx. $85 million
  • Enforcement of campaign finance law
  • Client since 2018 (2nd Term)
  • Vetted against three main competitors
  • Sole Source Contract awarded to support
    FOIA compliance (primarily O365 and Exchange)
  • USE CASE: Evidence/document
    management to review voter fraud


Federal Aviation Administration

  • Annual budget of $15.9 billion
  • 15,000 federal air traffic controllers
  • Client since 2007 (4th Term)
  • USE CASE: Evidence/document
    management of incidents at 315
    FAA air traffic facilities in US


Lockheed Martin/DOJ Pharma

  • iCONECT was the DOJ review application
    for DOJ Civil/Criminal Pharma Cases
  • One of three vendors under the DOJ Mega
    3 IDIQ Contract
  • USE CASE: Evidence/document management
    of one of the largest Pharma case databases
    in the country


FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) 

  • Focussed investigation into over 19,000
    defunct bank branches.
  • 5,500 agency employees
  • Project timeline: 2009-2014
  • Acted as a subcontractor
    with Lockheed Martin.
  • USE CASE: Import and investigation of over 44 billion pages of banking records (1.6PB) accessed by over 400 investigators from 2009-2014


Raytheon Technologies

  • Annual revenue of $25 billion
  • 5th largest military contractor in the world
  • 64,000 worldwide employees
  • Client since 2011 (3rd Term)
  • USE CASE: Evidence management
    of legal contracts



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