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Data Narro

About Data Narro

Data Narro is a Milwaukee-based digital forensics and e-discovery consulting firm with clients throughout the Midwest. Data Narro specializes in helping law firms, businesses, and government agencies preserve, recover, and search electronically stored data for the purposes of investigation and litigation. Data Narro has the technology and expertise to perform forensically-sound data collection and recover data that was once thought lost or destroyed. Additionally, Data Narro helps law firms with early case assessment, eDiscovery strategies/software, and litigation support.

Primary Services

E-discovery Consulting, Early Case Assessment, E-Discovery Review Software, Digital Forensics, Data Collection & Analysis, Forensic Neutral Services, Litigation Support, Expert Testimony.

Office Locations

740 N Plankinton Ave, Suite 730, Milwaukee, WI 53203

Contact Info

Kristian Larsen
(262) 393-1713