iCONECT’s flagship document management platform is now available for use in situations where public access to documents is required. iCONECT-PublicAccess is ideal for privacy commissions, public inquiries, public meetings, Commissions of Inquiry, photo or document archives, or settlement requirements based on judicial decisions. With the flexibility to control access on many levels, the iCONECT-PublicAccess platform is ideal for Freedom of Information Act collections, or any situation that requires a controlled set of information or documents be made available for public access via an internal or external internet connection.

  • Meet Project Needs and Budget: From short- to long-term contracts to project management and customization, iCONECT will assist to ensure all compliance requirements are met. 
  • Multiple-browser Compatibility: View the platform from a Window or Mac desktop, laptop or tablet devices in IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
  • Easy Set-up: Whether behind a firewall or in one of iCONECT’s 50+ worldwide data centers, place the platform where preferred, while complying with regulatory requirements.
  • Add Security and Logging: Control access, or create an open connection to the system, with full logging of user IP addresses and activities.
  • Hundreds, Millions or Billions: From small collections to large, the system has proven scalability.
  • Unlimited or Limited Users:  Control access to a specific group or volume of users.
  • Image and Document Viewing: View any document format (over 500+ supported), including email or images, without the need to convert or load special viewing software.
  • Control Access: Control access to a specific document subset, limit exposure to specific or personally identifiable information (PII), or control activities including downloading within the system, all from a simple administrative control panel.
  • Limit Ability to View Information: Use the unique redaction system (blackouts on documents) to expose only the applicable portion of any document.
  • Built-in Help: Context-sensitive help assists users working in the platform.
  • Make Documents Searchable: From simple bibliographic data through full text searching or semantic natural language search, create an archive with the desired features.
  • Allow or Disable Printing: Custom-configure the system to meet the needs of the project.
  • Customized Branding: Customize the platform with colors and logos to match a project.
  • Link to Existing Website: Launch platform directly to control access.
  • International Ready: Search or view documents in any language within the platform; users can choose documents in the language of choice including Spanish, German, Russian, French and Japanese.

To schedule a demonstration, or request a proposal for your next project, please contact iCONECT Sales at 855-915-8888 or sales@iconect.com.

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