Since its introduction to the eDiscovery market in 2003, iCONECT-nXT has been regarded as the “workhorse” in 1,000s of plaintiff and defense legal cases worldwide. Its intuitive web browser interface, layered on top of an embedded database engine with the capacity to hold billions of documents, continues to be a key workflow component in the document management and litigation support strategy of the world’s leading law firms, corporations and government agencies. 

Along with its companion versions iCONECT-eXT (interacts with external Oracle) and iCONECT-qXT (interacts with external SQL), iCONECT-nXT is in “new feature development-hold;” however it continues to be available through iCONECT’s worldwide network of Litigation Support Providers and supported by our expert team of support agents.  iCONECT’s technology has long been regarded as the most scalable and powerful in the industry, and we are dedicated to supporting existing projects and installations. 

iCONECT-XERA has raised the bar originally set by iCONECT-nXT, giving users the ability to take advantage of HTML-5 multi-browser support, built-in collaboration and advanced analytics.  For those desiring to move to the latest platform, contact your iCONECT representative to create an easy migration plan. 

For additional information about an iCONECT-nXT, eXT or qXT system currently in use, please contact Sales or Product Licensing Support.