Connection Simplified

Create seamless workflows with direct third party integrations using the iCONECT Software Development Kit (SDK).

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API at

The iCONECT API is an intuitive RESTful library that allow you to push, pull and update data and various objects like fields in an iCONECT database.

The iCONECT API uses common RESTful verbs: GET, POST, PUT and DELETE requests with JSON arguments and JSON responses. Authentication is via OAuth 2.0 using a Bearer token authorization request header.

Direct Injection of Data from Your Application
Utilize the SDK within your in-house tools to push data directly into iCONECT projects.

Utilize Update Commands
Manage multiple loads for the same data set, and push from multiple data sources simultaneously.

Full Documents Profiles Accepted
iCONECT projects will handle metadata, body text and date field information.

Support for Document Classification and Organization
Retain document setup with easy transfer of documents to panels and folders in iCONECT.

Specialized Coding from Your Existing Application
Don’t lose the work already completed. Import it with your document data

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