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iCONECT software, services and people have been a trusted resource for law firms, corporations, government agencies and litigation support providers in multiple high-profile, settled / ruled cases.

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Plaintiffs v. Boehringer Ingelheim (Pradaxa Litigation) (2014) iCONECT used by the law firm of Schlichter, Bogard & Denton

At the time of its 2010 approval, blood-thinner Pradaxa had no available antidote. It was responsible for serious bleeding events, including death in thousands of patients, with the argument being that Boehringer used deceptive marketing practices to promote its new category of anticoagulant. In 2014, the company settled 4,000 lawsuits for $650 million and the company was required to pay $95 million to settle a case over improper marketing.


Plaintiffs v. Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals (2011) CONECT platform iCONECT platform used by the law firm of Schlichter, Bogard, Bogard & Denton

1,300 cases / plaintiffs in a MDL Litigation against Bayer claiming its Yasmin lin of birth-control pills caused blood clots in women. Bayer AG (BAYRY) said settlements of U.S. lawsuits over claims that its Yasmin line of birth-control pills caused blood clots have increased to more than $402 million.

Plaintiffs v. Merck (Vioxx Litigation) (2011 & 2007) iCONECT used by Merck through a Legal Service Provider in ACT – US DOJ v. Merck & Co., Inc. (settled Nov. 2011)

Cases filed against Merck over adverse cardiovascular events associated with Rofecoxib and the adequacy of Merck’s warnings. Merck will pay nearly $1 billion to resolve criminal charges and civil claims related to its marketing of Vioxx, a widely used pain medicine that the giant drug maker pulled from the market in 2004. Close to 50,000 Plaintiff Lawsuits v Merck & Co, Inc. (settled in 2007 for $4.85 billion).

Plaintiffs v. BP Oil (Deepwater Horizon. BP Oil (Deepwater Horizon Litigation) (2010) iCONECT used by BP Oil through a Legal Service Provider in conjunction with Herman, Herman, Katz & Coltar

BP and three other energy companies reached a settlement with with thousands of individuals and businesses affected by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon spill that killed 11 workers and fouled the Gulf of Mexico with millions of gallons of oil. BP officials said they expect the company to pay out approximately 7.8 billion as a settlement with more than 100,000 plaintiffs who are suing the oil giant and others for their role in the spill.


Oracle Corp v. SAP AG (2007) iCONECT used through the law firm of Jones Day

Oracle sued SAP, alleging that SAP had engaged in copyright infringement by downloading thousands of copyrighted documents and programs from Oracle’s Customer Connection website. Oracle, the world’s largest maker of database software, won a $1.3 billion jury verdict in the case in 2010. A federal judge reduced the award to $272 million. The companies agreed on a judgment for $306 million in damages “to save time and expense of this new trial.”