Understanding the depths of breached data


To meet the various requirements of jurisdictions and governing bodies.


Workflow which produces standard, predictable results.

Optimized Review

To reduce manual eyes on documents, increase efficiencies and quick turnaround.


Through a controlled, secure and audited process.



    • Quickly converts PII, PHI and selected company specific data into a manageable format for the disclosure process

    • Supports PII for over 50 countries

    • Quick identification of documents that do NOT contain sensitive information to reduce review load

    • View, tag and organize over 800 file types with built-in document review.

Personal Information

  • Address
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email
  • URL or Domain
  • Names (Personal/Employees)
  • Organization
  • Location

Bank/Finance Information

  • Credit Card
  • Bank Name
  • Bank Identifiers 
  • Account Number/Policy Numbers
  • Account Holder

Government-Issued Information

  • Social Security Number
  • Employer Identification Number
  • Individual Tax Payer Identification Number
  • International Bank Information

Other Identifiable Information

Any word or phrase, or specific personal information such as Student Card Number, Airline Ticket Number, Automotive VIN , Trade Secrets, Etc.


   8 Steps to a Successful Breach Project

Inbound Data and Files

Questions about inbound data: 

  • Does a description of the overall data contents exist from a ‘data-map’?
  • Who is authorized to receive updates and questions about potentially sensitive data?
  • For any emails, have images (including footer images) been extracted as separate file objects?
  • Extraction to create individual files for analysis.