rKIVE Powered by iCONECT




iCONECT’s rKIVE uses our proven approach to large-scale data migration and application decommissioning. We efficiently move your silos of information to our lower-cost, secure and scalable repository. The legacy applications or paper files are now retired, virtually eliminating related software and hardware maintenance costs.





The perfect solution for data governance,

ROT management and data retention





  • Harness and retain Business Intelligence with a fully searchable archive of data or documents
  • Optimize your workflow by applying machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to your centralized repository – even if it is paper storage
  • Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) the rKIVE system can create searchable metadata for imported files, allowing you to classify, harness and retain the Business Intelligence of your data
  • Ideal for legacy application decommissioning

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