Our analytics are driven by world-leading
artificial intelligence technology.

iCONECT acquires Ayfie Inspector Artificial Intelligence Codebase ‘Gold Copy’
A proven combination which combines AI with a top tier eDiscovery workflow

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How we are leveraging Artificial Intelligence

By leveraging our powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, your organization can quickly and accurately import, analyze, organize, code and search information from any document as a key component of any eDiscovery, document management, governance or archival workflow. Reduce your dependency on costly, manual processes, improve customer service, and drive new business with iCONECT technology. Analytics are driven by world-leading artificial intelligence technology.

Xmplar (Custom find similar)

Create your own synthetic document, then retrieve and review relevance ranked Conceptually Similar documents, Using iCONECT’s Xmplar® “Custom Find Similar” you will retrieve more specific and higher quality search results, resulting in fewer false positives.

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Automated PII Search and Redaction (COVER/FOIA)

Mass-action identify, folder and search for sensitive keywords, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Protected Health Information (PHI) with the ‘COVER’ module. You can also redact (including Credit Cards, Phones, Emails, Banking info etc.) and produce to PDF with PII redacted. Ideal for FOIA requests. Works with PII from over 50 countries. Built to work with 800+ file types, including XLS. 

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Automated document classification (iCONECT rKIVE)

Add intelligent tags and meta-data to your inbound documents using AI which can auto-categorize structured or unstructured documents to assist with future organization, search and retrieval.

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Forms classification and extraction (iCONECT XTRACT)

To accurately extract data from your documents, our XTRACT module uses a suite of proprietary Machine Learning algorithms designed for data extraction in enterprise use cases. This allows us to offer a high level of extraction accuracy which minimizes human intervention

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Predict (CAL)

Utilizes the built-in AI machine learning to find relevant documents based on input provided by users. Analogous to a music streaming service “choosing” which songs a user will enjoy based on previous song selections, iCONECT-Predict uses document tags to train a ranking algorithm that orders relevant documents from most to least likely similar,  algorithmically eliminating a large percentage of human document review.

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Oversight (for Manual Review analysis)

iCONECT Oversight provides the ability to monitor and track manual review coding progress and accuracy to quickly identify potential misclassified documents and review team coding challenges. Complete with a progress and analysis dashboard to track review and reviewer progress. The software also recommends coding changes based on organic modelling.

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Uncover and analyze key ideas within the dataset with no human intervention. View and interact with concept clusters using the mosaic graph. Automatically clusters conceptually similar documents to speed up inclusion and exclusion decisions which can run against the entire collection or a subset of documents.

Similar Concepts

Find documents that contain the same concepts even when they don’t contain the same words. Documents are returned with a ‘confidence score’ to assist with prioritizing review and can be mass-coded for workflow efficiency.

Email Threading

Understand communications in context. Group and review emails by conversations with associated attachments. Inclusive emails eliminate review redundancy showing you only the final email in a conversation thread and can be mass-coded for workflow efficiency

Near Duplicates

Increase coding consistency. Gather and review multiple document versions together. Built-in ‘Document Compare’ gives side-by-side visual cues to differences between documents. Ideal for review team batch organization where near-duplicate documents can be mass-coded for workflow efficiency

Intelligent Batching

Increase reviewer efficiency in a manual batch-based review. Create focussed review batches with the option to include email threads. Batches can be grouped with conceptually similar documents, near-duplicates, by document type, date range or common meta-data…all with the goal of streamlining manual review.

Visual Charting/Graphing

Build visual insight into your data through pie charts, timelines, stacking charts and line graphs. All can be printed, downloaded, shared with other members of your team on a dashboard or downloaded as a CSV. With interactive controls, your can refine visuals with single clicks through the intuitive interface.