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The eDisclosure Systems Buyers Guide 2021

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Authored by industry expert Andrew Haslam, the eDisclosure Buyers Guide continues to be the most comprehensive and definitive resource available for data discovery and legal discovery professionals seeking to understand and evaluate eDisclosure-related services and products.

Create Connections, Inc.

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Create Connections, Inc. About Create Connections, Inc. Create Connections, Inc. (CCi) is an Authorized Sales and Marketing Technology Partner specializing in providing best-of-breed Technologies. CCi is focused on empowering businesses with access to the top technologies while assisting them with making informed decisions on services, software and cost savings. CCi delivers these solutions through an   …Continue Reading

First Choice Digital

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First Choice Digital About First Choice Digital First Choice Digital is a leading provider of eDiscovery, data management and managed review services. We help insurance organizations, financial institutions, municipalities, and corporations streamline the administration of business operations. We also assist law firms in the digital forensic collection, processing, and presenting of data across multiple platforms.   …Continue Reading

Xact Data Discovery

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Xact Data Discovery About Xact Data Discovery Xact Data Discovery (XDD) is a leading international provider of eDiscovery, data management and managed review services for law firms and corporations. XDD helps clients optimize their eDiscovery matters by orchestrating precision communication between people, processes, technology and data. Primary Services eDiscovery, Data Management and Managed Review Services   …Continue Reading

Sub Four Capital

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Sub Four Capital About Sub Four Capital Sub-Four is an investment business investing capital on behalf of family offices, high-net-worth individuals and accredited investors. We specialize in algorithmic trading, venture capital, growth capital and buyout opportunities in Enterprises Software and B2B SaaS companies. Primary Services Electronic Data Litigation, Mediation, Arbitration and Regulatory Investigations, Data Review,   …Continue Reading

Target Litigation Consulting

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Target Litigation Consulting About Target Litigation Consulting Target Litigation Consulting (TLC) is Boston’s leading provider of litigation support services to law firms and corporations. We are known for the unparalleled expertise of our professionals and the impeccable quality and timeliness of our work. And we care. Ask our satisfied clients — virtually every large and   …Continue Reading


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Ricoh  About Ricoh Ricoh’s eDiscovery Team is dedicated to delivering innovative ediscovery solutions that integrate and tailor best-in-class technology, people and processes to your advantage. We provide secure and timely access to relevant information using a comprehensive range of litigation and ediscovery technology solutions ranging from data forensics, including Remlox™ our proprietary tool for remote   …Continue Reading